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Whatttt??? Smoking does that???

Whatttt??? Smoking does that???

Negative effects you probably did not know about smoking

Did you know that you inhale just as much smoke as the person smoking a cigarette when you sit or stand next to them? Yes, probably.

Did you know that cigarette smoke lingers on in your sofas, hair, clothes, carpets and other solid surfaces long after the smoker has left the room? Probably not.

Well, as dangerous as they sound, both instances are true. And you, your parents, your children and your pets are in the line of fire.

If you are a smoker, you know you are inhaling first hand smoke. But second hand and third hand smoke? What are they?

Second hand smoke 

This is the kind inhaled from the environment usually when in the vicinity of a smoking individual. It emanates from both the smoker’s exhalations and the burning end of the smoker’s cigarette.

It might appear harmless to the non-smoker, but research shows that passive smokers take in just as much dangerous smoke as active smokers, or even more. According to the American Cancer Society, second hand smoke contains at least 70 chemical compounds that are known to cause various cancers in both children and adults.

Third hand smoke 

This is the residue smoke that remains in a room after the smoker leaves and the cigarette or cigar or any other tobacco product is nipped. Unlike first hand smoke, third hand smoke is invisible and can stay in the room days or months after the smoke leaves.

In other words, the inhabitants of the house, especially children and pets, continue inhaling it unknowingly. Third hand smoke settles on chairs, on draperies, on our clothes, on carpets, in hair and everywhere else, exposing your whole family to continuous danger when you inhale or touch the surfaces.

The worst part? The dangerous toxins in tobacco smoke remain harmful and active when taken into the body long after the source of the smoke was extinguished.

Third hand smoke cannot be removed from a room by opening windows, using fans to blow out rooms or spraying with aerosols. Not even confining smoking to a particular room in the house can help.

The negative effects of second and third hand smoke for your family

Lots of research has been carried out on the effects on smoke on non-smokers and the results are disconcerting. Being a non-smoker doesn’t spare you the negative effects of the smoke, now even more with third hand smoke in the picture.

Cigarette smoke contains carcinogenic compounds that cause cancer in both active and passive smokers. In children, second hand smoke has been found to cause cancers including leukaemia, liver cancer, lymphoma, while in adults, it’s been associated with brain, breast, larynx and stomach cancer.

Third hand smoke also contains a nitrosamine compound called NNA that causes DNA damage on inhalation, resulting in cancer.

Third hand smoke is associated with sudden infant death syndrome (SIDs), with research suggesting that it the smoke suppresses the infant’s respiratory system, resulting in death.

Second and third hand smoke contains metals and other dangerous chemical compounds including lead, arsenic and cyanide, which are toxic to the body. Lead in particular is associated with diminishing IQ in children, while cyanide and arsenic are known to cause immediate death when consumed in toxic amounts.

The threat from both second and third hand smoke is real. Take the necessary steps to protect your family from their negative effects.

Loudmouth Z Sandals

Loudmouth Z Sandals