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The 15 most common phobias in the world

The 15 most common phobias in the world

It’s not easy to see, a life without fear. Humans wouldn’t be complete without it and the world without it would feel incomplete. Guess God knew what he was doing. But when you think of fear in the everyday sense, what comes to find is the kind of fear of things bigger, stronger or wilder than us. 

Things programmed to damage, things guaranteed to hurt. But as things go, the world’s inhabitants have fears you may never have imagined. Take some of the fears below as example.

Note: Some of these fears are really unusual.

Claustrophobia: The fear of small, cramped or enclosed spaces such as small rooms, corridors, under the stairs etc. Claustrophobics tend to go into panic mode when they find themselves in such places.

Agoraphobia: The fear of crowded or very open spaces. It can also be used for people that prefer to stay indoors all the time, avoiding the outside environment.

Acrophobia: The fear of heights, derived from the fear of falling down to the ground. For acrophobics, standing on tall buildings, in glass elevators, rooftops, roof edges can cause various effects, including head spinning, dizziness and panic attacks.

Hemophobia: The fear of blood. Hemophobics can’t touch, smell or look at blood voluntarily; they risk vomiting, nausea, dizziness and other effects. Hemophobia is already a pop culture pun, if its constant referencing in movies and TV is anything to go by.

Carcinophobia: The fear of cancer and dying from it. This fear might stem from the fact that cancer, unlike many other ailments, requires much stronger treatment, and one in three people are still likely to die from it even after treatment.

Atychinphobia: The fear of failure. Everyone has this fear, but it’s more pronounced among some people. Atychinophobia is one of the reasons some people fear to go out of their comfort zones and do something new.

Mysophobia/germophobia: The fear of germs. Ever seen a person wash their hands every after doing something small? Or clean up every place with listerine after a few minutes? You may have associated it with OCD symptoms, but they could simply be germohobic. Germophobics are always worried sick of germs and do everything they can to fight them.

Glassophobia: No, it’s not the fear of glass. Glassophobia refers to the fear of public speaking and audiences, derived from shyness and the fear of negative judgement. It’s easily associated with stage fright, and such people may sweat profusely, stammer uncontrollably or even fail to speak a word in front of an audience.

Arachnophobia: The fear of spiders. Except for a few pros and spider lovers, this fear affects almost all of us on earth. Still, this fear affects some people more than others. The fear is derived from common knowledge that a spider sting is poisonous enough to kill a human being.

Aerophobia: The fear of flying, associated with the fear of crashing. Closely linked to claustrophobia and the fear of not being to escape a burning plane. Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston is a known aerophobic.

Ophidiophobia: The fear of snakes. This is a very understandable fear. A boa constrictor has been known to swallow a whole human in one gulp! Snakes have always been, and will always be poisonous, which explains the fear.

Thanatophobia: The fear of death. Almost half the world’s population fears death. You can associate it with the uncertainty of what happens after one is dead, and if heaven and hell are real.

Trypanophobia: The fear of needles and injections. The blood…the pain…the sting. Injections and needles still freak millions of people around the world, despite their actual painlessness. Ever wonder how trypanophobes get tattoos?

Aquaphobia: The fear of water, being in it or living near it. It’s closely associated with Thalassophobia, which is the fear of deep water. This fear is basically associated with the fear of drowning.

Cynophobia: The fear of dogs. Despite dogs being the most preferred animal for a pet, there are individuals that still die of fright whenever they see them.



The fear of clowns, their tricks, their makeup, their clothing and everything else clown-y!

What do you fear? Is it as unusual as furniture or space? Or scary like hungry boa constrictors in a pit?

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Loudmouth Z Sandals