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Sunscreen - What you need to know

Sunscreen - What you need to know

If you've been to the beach, you probably know that the only thing you aren't allowed to forget when packing is a bottle of sunscreen. That's how important or 'popular' it is.

Sunscreen has been in use for decades now after recommendation by medical experts as the best daily protection from the sun's UVA and UVB rays.

How sunscreen works

The main role of sunscreen is to minimize the amount of dangerous sun rays that are absorbed into our bodies with day to day sun exposure. Sunscreen works depending on its type, with chemical sunscreens operating differently from their physical counterparts.

Chemical sunscreens work by allowing more sun rays to penetrate the skin and converting them to heat and other forms of energy before they can cause damage. The chemicals in physical sunscreens do not allow in extra sun rays; rather, they reflect them off the body as soon as they make contact with the skin.

Why you need to apply sunscreen

Sunscreen is not just a luxury everyone can afford. It's essential for good health and bodily protection in more ways than one.

Sunscreen's main importance for our skins is protection from the sun's dangerous rays, which have always been associated with various melanomas and other cancers. Absorbing too much sunlight also causes sun poisoning and sun burn, both of which are painful and come with ugly symptoms. Applying sunscreen before stepping into the sun averts all these dangers for you.

Sunscreen is also necessary if you want to slow down your aging process. The sun's rays have a direct impact on how fast you age through their damaging effect on elastin and collagen, the two main compounds that determine the skin's elasticity and suppleness over the years. Applying layers of sunscreen throughout the day protects your skin from excessive absorption of the sun's rays over time.

Sunscreen: Everything else you need to know.

There's sunscreen for everyone - right from babies to teens to adults to the elderly - designed to suit their skins without aging them or altering their chemistry. Even dogs have special sunscreen you can apply to keep away excessive sunlight.

The sunscreen you can use is directly determined by your skin type and skin tone. Darker skinned people need different sunscreen types from both fair skinned and light skinned people.

As for skin type, your choice of sunscreen is determined by how oily, dry, acne proof or sensitive your skin is. Otherwise, you may have unnecessary skin complications.

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