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Still in High School? Here's how you prepare for college now.

Still in High School? Here's how you prepare for college now.

Despite the many hurdles that are associated with college – financing, acceptance etc. – more people are choosing to go to college more than ever before. In every way, that doubles the number of applicants, which leads to college boards to hike their entry points in their search for the best students. If you’re still in high school, now is the prime time to start preparing for college. We reveal a few ways below that can you can do that.

Discover your field/career of interest early enough

Before you commit yourself to 4 or 6 years of college, its wise and highly recommended that you have an idea about what you want to study. Having an idea involves more than just knowing the name of the career; it requires deeper research into how prospective that career is within the current economy. In America alone, thousands of high school students graduate with only a vague idea on who they want to be. Fortunately, there are proven ways you can identify your interest in a particular career.

  • Take summer jobs in careers you’re interested in.
  • Talk to your career masters and ask questions
  • Attend career fairs near you and ask the organizers any questions you may have.
  • Use the internet to learn what different professions actually do and what they earn as salary.

Work harder at your grades

You don’t get into the best colleges – or any college for that matter – with a GPA that doesn’t add up. As you might already know, your grades can be used against you starting from ninth grade. Use your time in high school to achieve high grades in all your major subjects in addition to participation in extra-curricular activities. If you are having trouble achieving the grades you want, a little extra revision time may be just what you need. Changing your revision strategy is another popular technique, as is consulting with better students.

Explore existing funding options

Today, despite the expensiveness of college, everyone can make it through college with the help of financial loans, grants, scholarships, bursaries and more. Research the options you’re eligible for and narrow them down. It could be a sports, disability or arts bursary – consider all potential options. College education in America only gets more expensive every year, so you need to plan and act fast before admission deadlines. If you can, saving in 529 college savings account beforehand is another smart move.

Take the PSAT

The Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test is the precursor to the college-influencing Scholastic Assessment Test or SAT exam. The PSAT also tests the same areas as the SAT i.e. evidence based reading, writing, mathematics and essay writing. Taking the PSAT is a smart way to prepare for the actual SAT, and many students across the United States and Canada do it every year. There’s more – good grades in the PSAT can earn you recognition from potential backers for your college education.

Start earning college credits

College credits can help you get admitted to top colleges in addition to helping you skip some basic introductory course units once you’re admitted. Most students don’t know that they can accumulate points before admission, despite being a very useful approach. If you wish to start, there are four main routes you can take:

  • The Dual Enrolment/ Concurrent enrolment program
  • Through the International Baccalaureate Diploma program
  • Through the College Level examination program (CLEP)
  • The Advanced Placement Program

Work up the extra

Check the internet to discover how you can apply for each or any of these programs in advance.

Ramp up your participation in school clubs and volunteer activities

Colleges today no longer judge admissions based on academic scores alone. They consider everything, including your participation in community events around you. That’s why it’s important to take part in charity events, volunteer activities, school club activities, sports and more. All these build up your CV outside of academics, improving your chances of college consideration greatly.

Getting into top colleges only gets harder every year, which is why high school students have to work harder at every aspect of their lives to improve their applications. Each of the tips below is important, and we recommend that you incorporate all of them in your preparation.

Loudmouth Z Sandals

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