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Maximizing Your Vacation Rental Income: Spring Cleaning (Part 2 of 4)

Keeping a vacation rental profitable means keeping it looking appealing to renters. Some of your best customers will be repeat renters if they think your home is neat and well taken care of. The key part is keeping your spring cleaning efficient and effective, so that anyone taking the time to rent is impressed by its atmosphere and its cleanliness.

General Housekeeping

The most obvious step in maintaining the interior of your vacation home is hiring a good housekeeping service. Unless you plan on doing a full, personal sweep of the property between renters, you should look for a local housekeeping service with both licenses and insurance. Ask other property owners in the area for their recommendations, if possible, and request references from the service themselves. You can’t accept anything short of the best for the cleaning service. Ask if they also look out for damages to the property while working on it, as an extra set of eyes can be invaluable for both appeal and safety.

Time a semi-annual deep clean through your provider to coincide with your standard spring cleaning. This should include standard practices like flipping the mattresses, washing the curtains, and steam cleaning for both the furniture and the rugs. With all of your heavy cleaning occurring together, you can have the vacation rental suited for guests for longer during the vacationing seasons. If one cleaning service isn’t able to accommodate you as quickly as you might need, consider shopping around for a backup service that can.

Declutter and Removing Excess Junk

Another service that should be approached is a decluttering service. Frequently vacation homes collect furnishings from their owner’s primary residence by way of hand-me-downs, but are replaced without anywhere to go. A junk removal service can pull out all the unwanted, old furniture and other debris from a good spring cleaning efficiently with no stress on your part.

Wood, Tile, and Carpet Cleaning

As you make a sweep of the property, keep an eye on all the flooring. Renters may not be kind to your carpeting, so regular shampooing or dry cleaning may be necessary to keep it in top shape and maintain its longevity. Any hardwood flooring you might have also need their own maintaining via a refinishing job. Scuffs may need to be buffed out to keep the place looking new and less lived-in.

Furniture Dry Cleaning

Any furniture you’re not replacing immediately should also be treated and cleaned often. The necessary maintenance and cleaning varies according to type and style, but in general most fabric upholstered furnishings should be dry cleaned and wooden furnishings will need retreatment on the wood.

Broken or Outdated Fixtures and Appliances

Other fixtures may need replacement during your cleaning, such as damaged or broken windows or appliances. Listen to complaints from your renters about what hasn’t met their expectations in terms of cleanliness or utility. If your kitchen appliances are outdated, they may detract from the overall experience of the renters and should be regarded as a liability and not an asset. As such, leaving those for the junk removal service and replacing them may be in your best financial interest.

Plumbing Inspection

Get a plumber out for a regular inspection of the building during your spring cleaning endeavors. Leaking pipes and faucets can be overlooked by the untrained eye, which can lead to water damage and mold that doesn’t endear a guest to their stay in the property. Cabinets and other bathroom fixtures may have to be replaced from the water damage, and it’s best you get a professional to consult on your options if it’s necessary.

Spring cleaning may seem like a fanciful term used for a family routine, but it’s an important phase for vacation rentals. Property maintenance is a year-round activity, but spring cleaning is the opportune time to hit all of your baselines in it and not interrupt your peak season. The purpose of spending all this time, money, and energy on maintaining your rental property is for you to make back your investment. So, it’s best you time your spring cleaning to whatever your off-season is, regardless of whether it’s spring or not. The key is to minimize the downtime between renters and maximize their experience, so you’ll have regular customers returning year after year for the exciting vacation you offer them. 

You can find more tips to maximizing your vacation rental home income in our four article series. Next, we’ll touch base on the color of your paint!

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