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Maximizing Your Vacation Rental Income: Curb Appeal

Maximizing Your Vacation Rental Income: Curb Appeal

The key part to making your vacation rental a high-demand property is making it look enticing from the street. You want the average passerby to make a double-take upon seeing your property and casually remark “I want to live there.” 

So, whether it’s an idyllic mountain home or a hot beachfront property, you need to maintain the exterior so you can have everyone vying to rent out the interior.

Exterior Paint

First steps are all about the paint job on the house. Even small instances of cracked or chipped paint can detract from the property as a whole. Small oversights like that imply that the owner doesn’t take care of their belongings and things can easily slide past an inspection. With this in mind, you should have your property’s paint job assessed at least once a year, if not more. 

Whether you perform the maintenance yourself or through a contractor, you should be keen to each of the details of the job. A full paint job isn’t necessary more often than every four or five years, but small touch-up work is going to be consistently necessary to keep a professional and appealing property.

Driveway and Concrete Pathways

The driveway and pathways on your property should be your next priority. Nothing makes a home seem run-down or uncared for like cracked concrete or cobblestone at the front door. While this bit of upkeep isn’t nearly as frequent as painting, it’s something that should have a sharp eye kept on. It takes years for pathing around a property to decay, although some materials are more susceptible than others. 

When you make your regular rounds between rentals, make notes of the locations that seem to get the most foot traffic and those that seem to have suffered the most damage. Keep track of these changes and budget accordingly for replacing these sections to keep your vacation rental looking crisp and nearly brand-new.

Patios, Decks, and Outdoor Furnishing

The patio, deck, and its furnishings are also areas that, while they won’t be ruined overnight, do need to be kept track of. Wood rot, splintering, and other decay are all possibilities unique to that part of the home. If it isn’t properly maintained, a wooden patio can not only be garish, but also hazardous to guests. 

Rotting or weakened parts of a deck can break and injure someone. Likewise, any patio furnishings should be repaired or replaced if they show signs of rot or weakness. Safety and appeal often go together when it comes to rental properties.


Keep the yard immaculately maintained. This is something that can’t be just inspected for once every so often; as a property owner, you’ll want to have some sort of groundskeeper or maintenance occurring on a weekly or biweekly basis. You can forgo yard trimming as often in the winter, but hedges, trees, and flowerbeds should have dedicated work put into them. Overgrowth seldom makes a vacation home seem inviting, and is an easily rectifiable mistake on the property owner’s part.

Windows, Siding, and Eavestroughs

Tidiness and order matters above all else. Smudged, smeared, or discolored glass on the windows of the property tell prospective renters that the rest of the home is unfit to stay in. Likewise, discolored siding or missing roof tiles leaves people to draw unhelpful conclusions about the quality of the home. Keeping the windows and siding expertly washed on a regular basis can greatly improve first impressions. 

Another often overlooked spot is in eavestrough maintenance. Particularly in heavily wooded areas, eavestroughs can be blocked and cause rainwater to pool in places around the home, leading to some of the previous issues. Clearing your eavestroughs and testing their flow can help prevent wood rot and siding discolouration.

Swimming Pool and Hot Tub

If your vacation rental includes a pool and/or a hot tub, its maintenance is going to be the lynchpin to your space’s marketability. Half the reason anyone will want to rent out the area will be pool access, so you should invest a significant portion of your inspection time to making sure the pool looks fantastic. 

Hire someone to maintain the pool even while guests stay there. Not only does it show dedication to your property but it also keeps you informed about any mishaps with the pool’s systems. At the very least, leaves and other debris should be cleared from it on a daily basis.

You can find more tips to maximizing your vacation rental home income in our four article series. Next, we’ll touch base on spring cleaning! 

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