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How To Become a Guest Blogger at Seek Sally

How To Become a Guest Blogger at Seek Sally

Write for us!

Seek Sally is excited to offer writers this exciting piece of excitement! Guest blogging opportunities! Yes, if you think you have it on you, please apply below. Please read this entire page before you hit us with an email!

Who can be a guest blogger?

Anyone in the holistic health niche can be a guest blogger if

  • You consider yourself a good writer and can write on the niches mentioned below.
  • You are establishing your credibility as an expert in one of the blog topics you plan on writing for us.
  • You are looking to draw more readers from the wide sea of readers on the internet to your article, and also to your website and social media platforms
  • You can even write if you are not in business, do not have a website but would just like to write for the fun of it.

What kind of posts does Seek Sally accept?

We prefer posts that draw on personal details and experience.

  • Only original posts, not published elsewhere will be accepted. Posts will have to go through copy scape entirely.
  • Posts should be genuine, written by you or for you by a ghost writer. Spun articles will be rejected.
  • There's no payment for guest articles.
  • Posts should be either educational, inspiring, informative, or entertaining, neither soliciting nor slandering, and absolutely contain no hate content.
  • Any content with religious or political views will not be accepted.
  • Your article should include at least one featured image to a maximum of three and all should be around dimensions of around 900 high and 600 wide. Ex: 928x612 is acceptable, 592x102o is not.

What else is required?

  • First preference is given to Canadians. If we have a lot of response, we might choose Canadians first over everyone else.
  • All interested guest bloggers should offer a minimum of 3 articles on 1-3 of the below topics over the course of 3-6 months.
  • Bloggers interested in a specific topic in the columns area will be expected to commit to writing/submitting articles for at least six months, and should meet deadlines and consistently keep up their allotted slot, or it's going to be allotted to a different poster.
  • If topics do not meet readers’ excitement over time, which happens every now and then, we'll decide to move columnists around to other creative corners.
  • Seek Sally does not claim ownership of any blog post submitted by a guest-blogger so you are solely responsible for any lawsuit that might arise from something written.
  • We reserve the right to remove all posts that we find problematic or offensive.
  • Once you have been accepted as a guest blogger, you can send articles and images to sally at seeksally dot com.

What’s in it for you?

  • We will include your byline at the bottom of the article, with a brief bio and you will receive backlinks to your website, as well as links to your social networks.
  • Your article will be promoted across Seek Sally’s social networks and distributed to other article sharing platforms.
  • Eventually we plan to have a page just for writers where you can have your profiles and show off your credentials in detail.

Topics for stranded articles: 

(This means individual, independent, stand alone articles and not a series, not a column. These submitted articles maybe published in any order whenever our editorial team schedules them.)

  • Self-Improvement
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Environment
  • Reviews of life changing books and movies
  • Natural Health
  • Chinese Medicine and Accupuncture
  • Food and Drink on Clean Eating
  • Holistic Lifestyle in General
  • Education and Learning
  • Mental Health
  • Fitness
  • Business Advice for Holistic Practitioners
  • Product Reviews of Natural and Holistic Products

We look forward to hearing from you. With such a wide range of topics, we are sure your creative juices are flowing already. Now, all you need to do is write us an email with the following questions answered. Sally at seeksally dot com.

  • Please tell us your first and last names.
  • Are you a Canadian?
  • What excites you about guest blogging?
  • Please list your website / blog (s) / social media handles
  • Have you guest blogged before?
  • How often can you write? Or roughly how many articles in a month?
  • What stand alone topics interest you?

Loudmouth Z Sandals

Loudmouth Z Sandals