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Exterior Design: Upgrade Your Windows to Get More Money for Your Business

Exterior Design: Upgrade Your Windows to Get More Money for Your Business

This Article is Part Three of "Business Design Series"

Did you know that 25-30% of the cooling and heating energy use of your business comes because of heat gain and heat loss through windows?  Did you know that there are 5 different types of window frames?  If you answered no to any or all of these questions, you are in the right place.  Windows can be a complicated thing if you don’t know where to start.  This article will give you a starting point to ensure that your business can get the best bang for its buck.  Here are some ways to upgrade your windows to get more money for your business:

Get the Right Type of Window Frame

Window frames are defined by the type of material that constitutes the frame.  Every frame has a certain thermal resistance associated with the material that contributes to the window’s energy efficiency.  Here are the types of window frames outlined so you can decide what is best for your business.

Aluminum/Metal Frame: The advantage of this frame is that there is almost no maintenance.  You don’t have to worry about cleaning or maintenance.  The bad thing is that metal/aluminum is a huge heat conductor and heat is lost and gained easily through this type of frame.  In general, I would avoid this frame but if you need to stick with it, use insulating strips to reduce heat loss.

Composite Frame:  These frames are a blend of a lot of different materials but mostly wood materials with some polymer plastics thrown in.  This is a decent frame type and has an added bonus in that it is decay and moisture resistant unlike wood frames.

Fiberglass Frame: Fiberglass frames are essentially a kind of advanced frame that have air cavities that are meant to be filled up with insulation.  This gives fiberglass a huge thermal effiency rating. 

Vinyl Frame: Vinyl frames are really good at resisting moisture and also don’t need to be painted.  I would consider this option as a lazy go-to if you aren’t concerned with looks as much.

Wood Frame: Wood frames can insulate fine but they really need to be maintained.  They don’t handle moisture well.  The advantage is that they look gorgeous.

Add a Perforated Window Vinyl At the Entryway of Your Business

Have you ever seen beautiful decals at the entry of a business that block the view into the windows at the entryway?  After this, did you go inside the building and were still able to look out of the window?  What you saw is called a perforated vinyl.  These vinyls are graphics that are designed to block a view in one direction.  The great thing about these are that they are hugely customizable and attention-grabbing.  I can’t stress enough how much of an edge adding custom-to-business decals will make you stand out from the competition.  If you can integrate a vinyl that is really attention grabbing, you are guaranteed to get more customers.  Unfortunately, due to copyright issues I wasn’t able to get any images of these guys for you but I made a pinterest board of some of my favorites that will give you some ideas, here it is.

Add the Right Type of Window

This section is going to be short and sweet but will give you a good overview of different window types without going into the science behind the different window types.  Here are types of windows that you may want to consider for your business:

Tinted Glass:  These windows block light and heat.  They also make a room appear darker.  This can be really useful in hot climates to keep a building cool and reduce costs.  It can also throw off the aesthetic in a room so be careful.

Double and Triple-Glazed Windows: These windows are insulated by having multiple panes of glass that are essentially stuck together with air space in between them to allow insulation (this ensures that heat doesn’t escape or enter a room).  A double glazed window has two panes that are “stuck” together while a triple glazed window has three panes. 

Low-Emissivity Coating Windows:  Low emissivity coated windows are my best choice for window selection.  These windows do a better job of insulating then double or triple-glazed windows.  Essentially, it’s an extremely thin layer of metal/metal oxide that is applied to the panes of windows to trap air.  It can reduce energy loss by 50%.  In addition to this, there are two types of low-emissivity (low-e) coatings.  There are spectrally selective coatings which basically only allow certain types of light in so as not to darken a room.  The non-spectrally selective coatings will interact with other wavelengths of light to darken a room and block natural light.  I would go with spectrally selective coatings.

Reflective Coatings:  Reflective coatings make the outside of a window look like a mirror.  There are many different tints including silver and gold.  These coatings block large amounts of light and heat and can be good for keeping rooms cool.  These are often used in office/industrial buildings.

Clean Your Windows!

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to clean your windows.  Dirty windows will block light coming in and therefore won’t give your business a natural lit feel which is really important.  What most people don’t know is that a thin dirt film will often cover windows and block light coming in.  For this reason, I would recommend getting your windows professionally cleaned twice a year.

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