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Are you listed with us? Check out why you should.

Are you listed with us? Check out why you should.

7 Benefits of listing your Business in an Online Business Directory

Do you remember spending hours in the sofa looking at the old yellow telephone directory for a long time to find the number to the pizza shop that’s near your area? That’s really frustrating, aside from the fact that a directory is heavy, printed in tiny letters and number. I really hate the part where you need to look the shop using the first letter since it's alphabetically arranged.

Thinking of it makes me feel tired. So, thank you to online business directories, I can already say goodbye to timeless hunting and searching.

What is an Online Business Directory? It’s technically the same that we have at home, but this one is more reliable and handy. If you are in a business venture and are looking to expose your brand, you need to get the peoples’ attention by adding your business to an online business directory.

Let me tell you some of the best 7 benefits of listing your business in an online business directory.

1. Cost-Effective Capital with Impressive Return of Investment Percentage

Adding a listing in an online business directory gives you the chance to start small and enjoy privileges big companies experience. There are services that let you add business listing for free and there are others where you need to pay them to get the maximum services they can offer, pricing starts from $5.95/month. Check us out, we are very affordable.

2. Manageable and Not Time Consuming 

You don’t need to spend hours of designing or thinking of anything to write in an online business listing. Just make sure that you wrote everything they need to know, and you’re good to go! You don’t need to be a professional web designer to make an effective business listing.

3.Meet millions of Potential Clients - A premium directory is a lead magnet.

This is what people see when they search for shops or job services. Sometimes, they search for a name that’s recommended by close friends and relatives and just check out the other related sources. They read the reviews, check out the stars, decide on proximity, and look at the tempting images. We’re talking about a huge group of people here, everyone with internet access is all your potential clients. Targeting a group of people will be much easier and affordable. Just make sure to update details from time to time.

4. Showcasing your Brand’s Image

Increase your sales by developing your brand and making sure that everyone can see it by adding it on some of the some of the well-known business listings. Add the most reliable number you use, an alluring business description and positive reviews that will make them feel that the business is reliable, credible and has a good reputation.

5. Rank your way up and earn more

Adding your business to an online directory listing increases the chance to get your network traffic numbers up. Without any effort, potential clients will find your business establishment in some of most common local business listings, find the site interesting, opens it up, and who knows what they will do next right?

6. Accept competition and Avoid Possibilities of Losing Clients

Usually, people will call a number they see in a flyer, brochure or the old typical telephone directory to make inquiries. If they can’t contact the number, 99% percent of moving to the next provider is a possibility. By adding your listing online, you can be sure that they can contact you directly through a variety of media channels and get some answers or information about some of the inquiries they have. That’s already a plus for you and your company.

7. Emphasize product or services advantages and features. 

This is one of the cheapest ways of winning more potential clients. Instead of wasting a lot of money paying for billboard or magazines, why not just add a small description that attracts customers to call you? You will have the opportunity to emphasize the features of your product or the pride of you services you offer. No need for long articles, you can add a blog that they can check though.

Listing your business in an online business directory offers a lot of endless opportunities. You do your listing and we do the SEO for your individual listing. In no time, leads start pouring in and we need to make sure that you take advantage of those.

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