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7 Ways Companies Can Cultivate Work-Life Balance among Employees

7 Ways Companies Can Cultivate Work-Life Balance among Employees

One of the biggest problems of a regular employee is maintaining good work-life balance, this has been an on-going struggle for everyone especially with the fast phased world that we’re living in right now. The legal working hours for a working individual is 40 hours in a week and going beyond those hours can cause a serious damage to your health and life.

According to a recent study in Japan, majority of workers die before they reach the age of 70 because of too much overtime, that’s why taking a nap is permitted. Based on studies, working beyond legal hours produces stroke, heart problems, sleep disturbances and worst, depression. It is also said that productivity lessens if you work more than 50 hours a week that’s why work-life balance among employees is important.

This is something that companies need to know to help their employees be more productive and so to speak, increased company profitability. 

7 Ways Companies Can Cultivate Work-Life Balance among Employees

Flexible Work Schedules.

Flexible working schedule doesn’t mean taking random breaks or working under time. Flexible work schedule means changing the usual same pattern and to create something that’ll increase productivity that will benefit the employee and the company as well.

 It just means giving the employees the freedom to choose the schedule they need and proper break time. If possible you might as well include them in creating the schedule so it will be easier for you to create your employee wants or need. Create an email template for schedules and set a requesting and deadline date to avoid misunderstanding. Also, given the opportunity to work from home if needed is something that employees want and this avoids higher rate of absenteeism.

  • Celebrate important achievements

Milestones are of huge significance in an employee’s life; this is something that companies usually miss. Appreciation is a need according to Maslow’s self-actualization hierarchy, it keeps employees motivated and well-determined to do their best at work to excel. Make sure to note important milestones such as employee of the month, monetary rewards and incentives for good work. Celebrating anniversaries or increase in sales parties can also be considered as a way of expressing gratitude and showing appreciation to your employees.

  • Bringing pets or kids to work

This has been an on-going issue for some people, mostly for single employees and working moms. This increases absenteeism and less focus for employees especially during tough times where they can’t find someone to take care of their kids or dogs. So, might as well give them the chance to have a peace of mind and let them bring them in to work. Set some rules and regulations to avoid chaotic situations and spare a small space where their kids or dogs can stay at a certain period of time with someone to look after them.

  • Creating regular outdoor time or employee events

Events done outside the office creates a positive outlook for employees and helps them to say good bye to their stress free life even just for a day. Someone from inside, not necessarily an event organizer can gather ideas to create effective outdoor activities and events. Get one if needed, but you can always rely on your employees so that you can have a grasp on their interests and proceed with a fun and interactive event for everyone. Check out what Forbes has to say about Invest in Team Building.

  • Choice to make strategic decisions in the company

Make sure that you create surveys or get feedback from people in all levels of management in creating strategic decisions to improve productivity. Involve everyone if possible in making big company decisions, like getting ideas or suggestions to develop a more concrete and effective strategies. Practicing autonomy will make them feel that they’re part of the company and that they’re needed far more than ever, which makes them happy and have a sense of fulfilment.

  • Workplace Cafeteria or Catered lunch programs.

Food is the most fundamental need that I can think of for an employee. It’s something that we have wherever we go, whenever we want. The most important decision that you need to focus on is choosing the best food provider for your company. Well, not all companies can provide free food but choosing at least a day and a certain time with free food boosts motivation and creativity for some. And if possible, provide catering for more food choices and avoid repetitive dishes. Remember, posting food with hash tags in social media is a thing nowadays, who knows maybe this can create something big for you and your company. Developing food programs interests employees and helps them to be excited to be at work early, isn’t that nice?

  • Don’t put too much Stress on your Employees

All of the above tips won’t work if you put too much stress on your employees, regardless if you give them everything they need. Humiliation, harassing them with deadlines and too much workload sets a firm contraindication to work-life balance living. Stress can be good at times but a little too much is a bad thing for this can cause mental exhaustion and poor performance. Treat them well and make sure to talk to them, greet them every day and be a friend if needed.

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