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7 Things You Can Do Today to Go Green and Help Earth

7 Things You Can Do Today to Go Green and Help Earth

Saving the world is not just Superman’s problem, this is an oath we all ought to take in our lives. With all the innovative ideas and surging technology we often forget Mother Earth and just go on with our busy lives. The change starts from within us, what can we do to Go Green and help Mother Earth?

Going Green means saving energy, money and minimizing pollution. You don’t need to spend money or attend massive conferences to help the world go green. You can start today, whether you’re at home or at work or in the streets whatever you do can create a huge impact as long as you’re willing to cooperate.

Here are 7 Things You Can Do Today to Go Green and Help Earth

  • Save Water. 

Not only that you can save the world from water shortage you also hype up your bank account savings by lowering down water bill. Closing the shower or the faucet when not in use can make a huge difference, it can save up to 6 liters. It reduces wastewater treatment facilities which provides abundant supply to marine environment, minimizes water pollution which is the main problem because most of it gets diverted to our rivers and bays or worst, into the ocean.


  • Conserve Energy

Conserving energy means burning less fossil fuel for a cleaning air and uncomplicated climate change. Sttart from home! Assign someone to switch off lights and unplug appliances’ that are not in use, buy rechargeable batteries, change light bulbs to fluorescent lamps, switch off computers when not in use, hang dry your laundry for lesser ironing time and there are a lot more. These are some of the basics; check this out for more information Conserve Energy.

  • Clean and Green 

Reuse, Recycle and Reduce. Not everything we discard are considered obsolete, think of a way how you can reuse it, be productive! Recycle waste materials by using them as fertilizers to small plants or trees that’s near your area and stop throwing anything that you think you can use or give to someone who needs it the most. Reducing usually means not buying something that you think you will not need in the future. Say no to air pollution! Use bikes when travelling from home to work or school, walk if possible for less fuel consumption, check Eco-Friendly Cars for useful tips!

  • Eat Organic Food

Eating organic food doesn’t just help you save the world, it keeps you healthy and save money. Organic farming lessens pollution, water consumption, increase soil energy and doesn’t require much electrical energy. Plus they taste good too, so what are you waiting for?

  • Stop Patronizing Plastic Bags or Bottle


Always bring a small reusable bag with you wherever you go, this lessens the use of plastic or paper bag. Plastic bottles are highly discouraged, according to World Economic Forum, eight million metric tons of plastic waste enter the oceans each year and kills our marine animals especially the endangered ones.

  • Proper waste disposal

This is an easy one, please throw you garbage accordingly.

  • Join organizations like Tree Planting and Earth Hour


Since trees are used for a lot of things, millions are being cut down each year that’s why experience troublesome environmental problems like flood. Join organizations like tree planting, you don’t need all day to plant a tree, plus you can meet new friends who care about the world like you!  Join the world’s biggest Go Green movement Earth Hour! All you need to do is switch off non-essential lights together with the world for 60 minutes, check our Earth Hour for more information!

Remember - “Humans merely share the earth. We can only protect the land, not own it.” – Chief Seattle

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