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7 ‘Fun’-draising Ideas for Teenagers

7 ‘Fun’-draising Ideas for Teenagers

Fancy dinners, stylish galas and other high end events have a few things in common when it comes to fundraising; they all happen to be the perfect platform for fundraising among adults, and possibly the worst alternative for teenage fundraisers. 

Experts explain that getting attention from teenagers on fundraisers requires activities that are fun and easy to enjoy. This theory explains why most fundraising campaigns organized with younger people in mind tend to be louder and more upbeat than others.

Here’s the easy way to put it: If you want teenagers to get interested in your fundraising event, make it an interesting and immersive affair for them first. If you’re wondering how you can do that, we have a few ideas below you can use.

Organize a modern car wash exercise.

A car wash is a decade old fundraising idea, and one that only grows in popularity every year. It’s easy to organize and actually offers a solution (helping folks wash their cars) that people need. All you have to do is set a date, put up posters or go door to door reminding neighborhood residents of the event, and organize the refreshments. Ask participants to donate some money on arrival and make people pay for their cars.

Organize a free concert with a local band.

This is a win-win situation for everyone involved. The local band gets exposure, young people get to have fun and you get to collect the fundraiser money you need. Look for a local band that’s popular among students and book them to play for free. Ask students to donate some money as entry fee to the concert.

Organize a fun athletics competition.

Talk to your school sports department head about this. A mini athletics competition involving various race types and activities is an interesting way to get people donating and still have fun. You can always ask both participants and spectators to donate some money at the entrance. Add special bits like a tug of war match to make it more immersive and competitive for all.

Have a bowling match

Bowling is not for fun evenings out only.  A fun bowling competition between teen teams is a fantastic way to fundraise money without asking for it. Just make sure you announce on time to allow the formation of teams and choosing of jerseys. Ask participants to donate to your cause throughout the games.

Create a local karaoke show 

Ask people to sing their favorite songs to win a prize. This activity involves allowing people to sing their favorite songs with a karaoke machine before a small audience. Create a simple prize – a Harry Potter book can do – for participants to win and then ask them to donate before singing or viewing the participants.

Organize a bake sale

You and other friends should pull your home recipes and bake your favorite cakes and pasties for sale. You can also leave the options open by making the event an open food event where everyone brings in food they’ve cooked from home. Put some music on throughout the event to lighten the mood.

Organize a crazy clothing day.

Here, everyone will have to dress to school like their favorite movie or comic book character or singer for a day in exchange for a donation to your cause. You’ll have to notify school management first and set some dress boundaries. The best dressed people per class may be lauded at the end of the day.

Teens can still be counted on to fundraise enough money for a cause that matters to them. Just remember to keep them engaged by creating a fun activity, and they’ll jump on board.

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