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11 Cloud Based Tools Your Small Business Cannot do Without in 2018

11 Cloud Based Tools Your Small Business Cannot do Without in 2018

Small businesses face ever growing competition with larger companies to grab the attention of similar customers, and that’s not about to change. And with their budgets probably doubling your business’s annual budget, you know that you have to look for a smarter way to level the competition and keep floating. These cloud based tools are used by millions of small businesses around the world who prefer them for their affordability, reliability and usability. They are just what you need to give your small business the edge it needs to keep afloat.

Google Drive

This tops the list of cloud storage tools your business needs to have. It offers online storage for your business’s storage needs at affordable rates. You can also grant more than one person access to your files at the same time for collaboration purposes.


Chances see that your small business does deal with a lot of content on a daily basis and some of it is highly important. Dropbox offers online storage for your content with assured security. It also allows file sharing and simultaneous file access and editing, which is a great feature for remotely operating teams.  


This project management tool is quite popular among small and large business owners alike. Asana makes task assignment and management a great deal easier for businesses of any size with its file sharing, task assignment and other project management features.


Seen an insightful article on the internet about managing your business? Got a marketing idea in the middle of the night? Evernote will help you jot them down. It allows you to store notes in image, text or video form so that you can access them later on various connected devices. One alternative we recommend to Evernote is Microsoft’s OneNote, which offers a similar service.


To be the beat out of social media marketing and promotion, you need to schedule your social media posts at optimum times of the day. Buffer is a highly recommended online tool that allows you to schedule posts to all the major social media networks for maximum engagement. It...........


This instant messaging app allows you to create a virtual office for your team of workers, making it especially perfect if your small business uses freelancers and remote employees. It allows you to create different groups depending on the tasks or departments in place, and also allows assignment of tasks among other features.


Small businesses always need different services to keep up with bigger companies but they don’t always have the budget to afford them. Fiverr is a popular marketplace where people offer all kinds of services starting at a fee as low as $5. Services range from editing to translation to writing to singing to illustration and more, so you're sure to find what you need.


Mint has grown in popularity in recent years for its budget management feature that keeps businesses ahead of their credit and payments or subscriptions. It helps you budget a monthly stipend and actually makes payments for you on time. This is perfect if you want to keep a keen eye on your business’s payments.


Online marketing  is made a lot easier by Moz’s suite of tools and resources that help your business website pages rank better in search results. You also get access to a keyword search tool that greatly improves your ranking in search results.


Yeah, that's where we got the feature picture for this post. As a small business, you might need good quality images for your branding, advertising, online content and more. Until your business budget can support a subscription to Shutterstock or iStock, you are left with limited optuons when it comes to high quality images. Random pictures off the internet are a no-go if you want to steer clear of copyright infringement issues. Pixabay is a good online database with thousands of copy right free images you can use in various categories.


Because of the many services your small business might be using, you might have a number of passwords to remember. Lastpass offers you a lasting solution in form of a service that stores all your passwords and helps you login without having to memorise any.

Other notable cloud based tools we recommend for small businesses

Eventbrite: For organising events, ticketing etc.

Google Analytics: For access to website performance metrics

Meetup: For organising meetings with like minded people

Adobe EchoSign: For signing documents online

Small businesses tend to have tight budgets, which limits their access to the best services. Most of these cloud based services have free versions that work just fine until you can afford the premium versions.

Start 2018 on a high note. Integrate these cloud based services into your small business and see your productivity and returns grow beyond expectations.

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